ASTRA is a girls-only service organization created with the purpose of providing an opportunity for students at HP to work together and serve the community.
A = Ability - To know that all of us have special talents to share with others.

S = Service - To improve the lives of those less fortunate in the community

T = Training - To develop leadership ability and potential.

 R = Responsibility - To learn to accept obligations and know the satisfaction of carrying projects through to a successful conclusion.

 A = Achievement - To experience success; to know that a group can accomplish so much more than any one individual.

Sponsor: Lauren Dominguez

President: Avery Mercurio
(Email Avery)

Meeting Location:
4309 Purdue

Meeting Schedule:
First Monday of every month at 7:15 P.M.

Application Process: New applicants are accepted at the beginning of the year. A written application is required along with two teacher recommendations. No certain GPA is required. Teachers may also nominate new members.

Membership Requirements: The membership requirements would include attending 3 meetings per semester and participating in at least two mini service projects per year as well as the large service project each semester.

Membership Fees:

Community Service Requirements:
3 hours per semester