American Field Service
Highland Park High School student exchange club members are HPHS students who are willing to further the building of global skills by participation in global competencies through exposure to and experience with other cultures and languages are welcomed as members. Two AFS exchange students are permitted to attend HPHS for a school term providing two HPHS families are participating as AFS Host Parents. One to four HPHS students are invited to apply on the AFS Americans Abroad program.

Sponsor: Donna Pierce

President: Megan Liu
(Email Megan)

Meeting Location:

Meeting Schedule:
As scheduled by AFS Officers and club sponsor

Application Process: The AFS Club is open to all students interested in being ambassadors to the AFS students attending HPHS, helping in the promotion of the AFS Americans Abroad program, and in the distribution of the HPHS daily planner SCOT SCHEDULER to all students participating in Online Sales.

Membership Requirements: AFS Club sponsors the SCOT SCHEDULER as means to host exchange students and to send students from HPHS abroad. The Club distributes the SCOT SCHEDULER at Fish Camp each fall and helps with distribution until all Online Sales are completed. AFS Club members are required to participate in being ambassadors to AFS students attending HPHS during their school year.

Membership Fees:

Community Service Requirements:
Thanksgiving Basket to Staff