Applied Sciences Club
This club was formed for the sole purpose of learning science concepts beyond the school curriculum, and applying them to real world applications. This club provides a group where people, who are interested in working in a field of science, can learn additional topics that are not taught in class. This club also aims to instill a strong sense of leadership and teamwork into members by having collaborative, well-structured, and thought-out projects. Whether a person is interested in just learning more formulas and concepts, building cool gadgets, doing various experiments, or willing to learn more about real world applications of science, this club offers an outlet and peer group to work with. Since the majority of classes in school cannot provide the resources or time to work on such, this club was created so people can learn more in depth or appliance of physics and chemistry concepts. Before a project starts, there will be a short discussion to see what the next project will be and how the current project can be applied to a future one. These projects can be used not only as fun ways to learn more about science concepts, but also the devices built can be used for the next project, or even a science fair. To summarize, the main purpose of this club is to allow a place for people to work together in groups in order to learn, discuss, and apply different science concepts in order to solve real-world problems.

Sponsor: Wenzen Chuang

President: Nathan Kong
(Email Nathan)

Meeting Location:
Mr. Chuang's room or Nathan's House

Meeting Schedule:
Once a week on Wednesdays. The meetings will last 2 hours, or until the assignment of the day has been completed. Typically the meetings begin at 4pm, however, changes may be made. Check the club website for more information.

Application Process: Applicants are welcome all year long, however, they will not be admitted to the club until they are approved and the current club project working on is completed. Applicants must email Nathan requesting to join. Nathan will then send them a short questionnaire. A certain GPA is not required in order to join, however, the applicants are encouraged to take or be in enrolled in Chemistry before joining.

Membership Requirements: In order to maintain membership, members must come to all of the meetings. They are exempt from one meeting per project. In addition, they must follow the guidelines listed on the Club Website. Also, club members must remain active on the Club website, either by posting new information, or making new comments at least once a week. Consistent inactivity will lead to suspension. Students in the club are encouraged to take at least one science class every year.

Membership Fees:

Community Service Requirements:

Website: First make an account. Nathan will accept your request to join the website within 24 hours.