Dallas LIFE
The purpose of this club is to work with the Dallas LIFE Foundation with their goal of helping homeless individuals in the Dallas area. In alliance with this organization, members will participate in supply drives and also volunteer in different areas of the organization.

Sponsor: Brad Sanders

President: Lauren Johnson
(Email Lauren)

Meeting Location:

Meeting Schedule:
Please email the president for current meeting information.

Application Process: We will be accepting new members during the club fair and in the weeks after. If you didn't sign up at the club fair, please email the president to apply.

Membership Requirements: To remain a member of the club, members must demonstrate actual interest in the club by attending meetings. If the club officers recognize that a certain member hasn't come to any meetings, we will contact that member and tell them that they must begin to participate or will be expelled from the club.

Membership Fees:

Community Service Requirements:
Participating in club drives and/or volunteer days