HP Statistics
The HP Statistics Club is dedicated to fostering interest in statistics as well as providing real world examples of the field of statistics.

Sponsor: Mary Kulpon

President: Aaron Pathak
(Email Aaron)

Meeting Location:
Ms. Kulpon’s room, B242

Meeting Schedule:
Meetings will be held Monday mornings from 7:30 A.M. to about 8 A.M. These meetings will be every other week.

Application Process: For students interested in joining the Statistic Club, they should talk to an officer or show up at a meeting to get further information on the club and its meeting dates. Applicants can learn more at the club fair. No teacher recommendations are required.

Membership Requirements: All members must be current students of Highland Park. Members are required to go to at least 50% of the meetings and participate in club events. There is no GPA or course requirements.

Membership Fees:
There is no initial membership fee for joining. Teams of 2-5 who want to participate in the SIFMA stock market game must pay a fee of $10 per team.

Community Service Requirements: