Highland Park Fly Fishing Club
The Highland Park Fly Fishing Club strives to unite student anglers and give them ample opportunity to share each others passion for fly fishing. This club will create a unique group of friends and is welcome to everyone. Fly fishing is one of many ways to enjoy and appreciate nature while having fun. We as a club will positively impact the community by doing various service projects.

Sponsor: Michael Pullen

President: Griffin Perotti
(Email Griffin )

Meeting Location:
4225 Bryn Mawr (Perotti House)

Meeting Schedule:
Meetings are on the first Thursday of the start of a new six weeks period. Members must attend two out of the three meetings per semester and need to contact one of the officers if they have a conflict and cannot attend a meeting.

Application Process: Applicants will be accepted during the entire first six weeks of the school year.

Membership Requirements: Club members and officers will be required to attend two of our three meetings every six weeks. Members and officers must also attend one community service projects a year through the club.

Membership Fees:

Community Service Requirements:
3 hours per semester