Highland Park Rites for Children
Highland Park Rites for Children is a club that makes and distributes cards, care packages, and more to the patients at Scottish Rite Hospital. We want to provide the patients with hope, love, and support on a monthly basis.

Sponsor: Meagan Garner

President: Margaret Mary Mencke & Destiny Duclow
(Email Margaret Mary)

Meeting Location:
Officer's Home

Meeting Schedule:
First Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM

Application Process: All members are welcome to join and participate to help this organization in any way possible. To become a member of Highland Park Rites for Children, please contact an officer or attend a meeting. We are always open and excited to have new members!!!

Membership Requirements: Please attend the once a month meeting and be available to participate at our service projects.

Membership Fees:

Community Service Requirements:
2 hours