Nap Time
Though this club is not for napping, it is for helping the less fortunate who do not have the ability to have a good night sleep. Each member will make handmade blankets to then give to homeless or less fortunate people. Our mission is to help people not be cold in the winter, sleep good at night, and bring happiness to those who might not receive it often.

Sponsor: TBA

President: Maddie Ewers
(Email Maddie)

Meeting Location:
TBA - email Maddie

Meeting Schedule:
We would like to have a meeting every other month and have dates scattered throughout the year for days were we go to homeless shelters and give them our blankets.

Application Process: We will accept applicants when we start the new school year. Teacher recommendations and a certain GPA average are not required to be enrolled into the club. Come on, come all!

Membership Requirements: To maintain membership in club members would have to make at east 4 blankets per school year (2 per semester). We would like each club member to come to every meeting but, if not each member should attend at least 4 meetings per school year (2 per semester). Your GPA does not affect joining the club and neither does course selections.

Membership Fees:

Community Service Requirements:
They can gain 1-3 hours of community service when we go an visit shelters