Parks and Recreation
We are a club dedicated to helping the community, not only our own but those surrounding us. If you would like to earn service hours while benefiting the community and having a good time doing it join Parks and Rec

Sponsor: Kelly Johnson

President: Jimmy Rupple
(Email Jimmy)

Meeting Location:

Meeting Schedule:
Thursday mornings, 7:40

Application Process: We accept new applicants throughout the year whenever people would like to join. Our biggest recruiting event will be at the club fair at the beginning of next year. There are no teacher recs or a certain GPA required to join.

Membership Requirements: The only membership requirement is that if you join the club you must attend most of the meetings.

Membership Fees:
no membership fee

Community Service Requirements:
We do one big community service project a year at the Armstrong tree lighting and everyone must attend but there will be many more opportunities throughout the year