Plan for Paws
The purpose of The Plan for Paws Club is to raise money to help neglected and abused animals, specifically dogs and cats. The club will donate any profit to the SPCA of Texas, and we hope to raise enough money so that the dogs and cats have more food, shelter, and health care available.

Sponsor: Kelly Johnson

President: Ashley Wechsler
(Email Ashley)

Meeting Location:

Meeting Schedule:
7:35 A.M Tuesday mornings. (announcements will be made if the date/time changes).

Application Process: The club will accept new applicants in the month of May after the applications have been turned in. No specific courses or teacher recommendations are required, however, one must appear to be in good standing in order to be a member.

Membership Requirements: To remain a member in the club, one must attend at least two meetings per semester.

Membership Fees:

Community Service Requirements:
2 hours