Wesley Rankin Partners
The club will host fundraisers and volunteer opportunities for a facility called Wesley Rankin. It is a place in west Dallas that helps underprivileged kids K-5 in the summer get a head start on their education and acts as a kind of daycare so that the parents can work with ease in the summer!

Sponsor: Nora Clark

President: Calla(Riley) Malone
(Email Riley)

Meeting Location:

Meeting Schedule:
Meet on Thursdays, 7:30 am

Application Process: Just contact Riley Malone or Jillian Deaver to join the club.

Membership Requirements: Club Leaders are required to attend all meetings unless they contact Riley or Jillian earlier in the week.

Membership Fees:
$20- if they want a shirt

Community Service Requirements:
Must have 2 hrs of work at Wesley Rankin by the end of they year.