Zoo Pals
This club works to support the Dallas Zoo and different species that live there. We will be volunteering at special events throughout the year at the zoo and we will be fundraising for them as well, through projects such as car washes or bake sales.

Sponsor: Kerry Fergason

President: Grayson Rutherford

Meeting Location:

Meeting Schedule:
Meetings will be held one Tuesday a month in Ms. Fergason's room from 7:45am-8:05am. This is where we will plan fundraisers and organize trips to the Zoo to volunteer.

Application Process: Anyone can join the Zoo Club at any point in the year. Be sure to email Grayson letting her know you want to join and include your name, phone number, and T-shirt size. Additionally, to be a member, you must pay a $20 entry fee.

Membership Requirements: Members must attend at least 1 meeting per semester and attend at least 1 service project/fundraiser per year. To be able to volunteer, you must wear your purchased Zoo Club T-shirt.

Membership Fees:

Community Service Requirements:
At least one service event

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