Senior Internship Program


Interdisciplinary Studies-Mentor Course/Sr. Internship Program

Course Description: Year Long, Pass-Fail Course for Seniors Only, Non-GPA weighted

Interdisciplinary Studies Mentor Seminar (ISM) is a student-led exploration and preparation of career and post-secondary interests. The course is designed using a three stage process: 1) Research and Design, 2) On-site internships, and 3) Projects & Presentations. Students are responsible for 1) creating and maintaining personalized goals & plans that pertain to the goals of the course, 2) conducting in-depth research regarding careers and post-secondary studies of interest, 3) participating in at least one on-site internship each semester, and 4) completing program-designed projects. To participate in this program, students are enrolled in a year-long course.  

Options for enrollment are: 

  • First & Second Period (Suggested for students exploring elementary education)
  • Second Period Only (Only for students pursuing an internship with a high school teacher)
  • Seventh & Eighth Period 
  • Eighth Period Only (Only for students who have time outside the school day to commit to their internship) 

 Students must complete the application process during the Spring semester of their Junior year.

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