Volunteer Information

Volunteers are critical to the success of high school and are essential to building a strong community. Thank you for sharing your time when available.

Volunteer Information:

PTA Volunteer Form | Consider volunteering for positions in the PTA

Volunteer Website| Sign up to volunteer in the Cafeteria and/or Supply Room
Please go to www.hphspta.org to sign up to volunteer in the Cafeteria and/or Supply Room. All volunteer shifts are recurring - once each month for the entire school year. (i.e. First Mondays, Third Thursdays, etc.)

New volunteers: go to www.hphspta.org then hit "Sign up now." to create an account. The registration process will give you the opportunity to choose a specific shift, but you may wait until you receive your login info to go back and view the entire calendar before selecting a shift. But please select the jobs you would like to consider so they will be added to your profile. i.e. if you are interested in choosing a shift in the Supply Room, "Supply Room" needs to be one of the jobs listed in your profile. You will not be able to choose a shift unless the job is listed in your profile.

Returning volunteers: if you do not know your login info, please hit "Forgot your username or password?" The info will be emailed to you immediately. HPHS implemented the new volunteer website in the 2017-2018 school year. If you did not volunteer in 2017-2018, you do not have an account. Please follow the instructions above for new volunteers.

Please contact the appropriate volunteer chairperson with questions:

CAFETERIA - Tammy Favors cafeteria@hphspta.org

SUPPLY ROOM - Nazia Ahmed supplyroom@hphspta.org

VOLUNTEER WEBSITE - Megan Lembcke volunteer@hphspta.org

Reimbursement and Tax Information:

2017/2018 PTA General Fund Expense/Check Request Form

Tax Exempt Certification Form (note use ONLY page 2)