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Part I: We are excited to have all students back on campus; however, it does pose challenges and problems when students are parking in spots not assigned to them. Only Seniors and Juniors, who are assigned a spot and given a parking sticker by HPHS Administration, are allowed to park at HPHS. Parking stickers must be visibly placed on your back windshield.
If someone is in your spot when you arrive, please do the following:
1. Take a picture of the license plate of the vehicle in your spot.
2. Park in a VISITOR space in the garage. Do not park in someone else’s spot or your car will be reported as a violator.
3. Go to SC 202 to report the violation or immediately email Ms. Mathews,, with the picture and your spot number. You must report this for two reasons:
  • We need to know why a student is in a Visitor spot (so that you aren’t stickered).
  • The violator needs to be warned/ towed.
4. If you are parking in the garage or any other HPHS spot without a pass given to you by HPHS administration, you will be stickered and towed.
Part II: Any student who has not presented their valid driver’s license and picked up their parking sticker by 3:45 pm on October 15th, will forfeit their parking space and be issued a refund. According to the Kiltie, only students who have a valid driver’s license are allowed to purchase a parking permit.
You can find more parking information on page 61 of the Kiltie.
If you have questions, please email Michelle Shumate, Thank you!