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Wish Upon a Star

About Us: The purpose of this club is to bring joy and hope to hospital children by dressing up and playing the roles of various fairytale creatures ranging from Disney princesses to superheroes.  
Join Us: Required for membership is: an interest in helping children who don’t have the advantage of an entirely enjoyable childhood due to being confined to the hospital, an enthusiasm that can make kids believe that the individual is only concerned with them at that moment (i.e. not be on phones during visits, not taking breaks unless absolutely necessary, etc), an ability to act as designated fairytale creatures for the kids’ enjoyment (i.e. not act like a teenager dressed as a princess---stay in character!), availability to attend most monthly meetings and at least one hospital visit, to be signed up for the service to send club texts, Remind101/GroupMe, flexibility to complete background check in order to complete hospital visits
Meet Us: We will meet at various hospitals on dates determined by hospitals as available. During this time, members of the club will arrive in full costume as various fairytale characters, in character, and visit hospital rooms for children who wish to meet with someone. They should be engaged, sociable, able to make the kids feel comfortable and bring magic to the moment.