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About Us: TED-ED Club is an organization designed to plan, arrange, and host a TEDx conference at HPHS annually, pulling on a wide variety of speakers each year to provide a unique and powerful student-driven experience.  

Join Us: Each member must agree to volunteer for the duration of the TEDx event held at HPHS on the given date and to assist the officers in all necessary planning for the event, including but not limited to arranging speakers, scheduling the venue and any other necessary components, and coordinating or participating in the delivery of food and any other necessary items for the event.
Meet Us: Officers and members of the club will meet bi-weekly in Ms. Jones’ room, WC206. The goal of all meetings is to plan for either the TEDx event for the current year or for the TEDx event the following academic year. Topics discussed will include sources of financing for the event including any necessary fundraising, researching and arranging speakers for the TEDx event, coordinating any relevant services for the day of the event including food, live-streaming of the event, and ticket sales, and identifying potential student speakers and topics for those speakers to discuss.