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Spanish Immersion

Purpose: The purpose of Spanish Immersion is to further Spanish knowledge in terms of culture and the language itself. We will engage in interactive activities, have speakers to talk about language, and raise money for organizations benefitting Hurricane Ida victims and a small town in Costa Rica.


President (Kennedy Bubrig): In charge of leading the club and planning meetings. 

Vice President: Assists the President in managing monthly meetings. The VP will also create an email for the club and check it consistently. 

Secretary: Sends the group reminders for each meeting/sends out additional announcements.

Treasurer: In charge of fundraising. The Treasurer will also make sure the money from each semester is managed properly. 

Social Media Chair: Responsible for posting necessary information on the club’s instagram account. 

Representative: Will design a t-shirt and participate in meetings. 

Qualifications: Officers will be chosen through a google form that will be sent out to the group. Anyone can apply using this form.

Sign up here: 

Club Sponsor: Maria Moises