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Rustic Pathways Student Travel

Purpose: Rustic Pathways is a student travel group that brings together High School kids from all over the continent. Our goal is to spread awareness of Rustic Pathways’ programs and encourage students to get involved with Rustic and it’s community. Ava Murphy (Co-President) and I traveled with Rustic to Peru last summer and fell in love with a local, small village. We would like to create fundraising and volunteer opportunities to advance their community as well as other Rustic affiliated communities around the world. This club is a great way to get involved in humanities and gain volunteer experience.

Leadership: Currently offering leadership positions- Secretary, historian, treasurer, and project manager. Contact the President directly and write why you're interested in the position. Email:

Club Social Media:) Instagram: @rustic_pathways_clubhp 

Club email:

Sign up here:  To sign up, email the club email to be put on a Group Me. Every week we will send out a message on Group Me letting you know what's going on that week. We are currently working on getting out meet dates on Google Meet. 

Club Sponsor:  Coach Thrasher