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About Us: The mission of the Hilites service club is to raise awareness and money that will benefit the Make-A-Wish foundation. Along with that, Hilites brings together all girls within the school to help plan and organize the two annual Hilites dances each semester. Hilites club also connects new underclassmen with upperclassmen at the beginning of the school year at the annual ‘Hilites Picnic’ in hopes of getting them excited for their transition into a new school.
Sponsor Info: Emily Sanchez
  • All girls of HPHS are eligible for membership.
  • Yearly dues shall be assessed by the officers, not to exceed $15.00.
  • The cost of replacement for a membership card is $1.00.
  • Members are encouraged to attend all meetings if they are willing to give their undivided attention to the speaker.
Meet Us: Club members will have the chance to participate in the following:
1) Attend Hi-lites Big Sis/Little Sis picnic
2) Monthly trips to Voice of Hope
3) Creating and bringing decorations for the dances
4) setting up decorations for the dances
5) supplying the children of the approved daycare by officers with holiday gifts
6) Attend meetings with various guest speakers
7) Help raise money for a child through the Make-A-Wish Foundation
Social media: Facebook -- HILITES 2019-2020