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HP Crew Club

About Us: 
Highland Park Crew Club has a mission to promote rowing and good sportsmanship among Dallas United Crew athletes, as well as inform other students about rowing and its benefits.
Member Info: 
President: Drew Favors,
Vice President: Caroline Craycroft,
Secretary: Kate Corey,
Treasurer: Deven Foley,
Historian: Ava Craycroft,
Clerk: Georgia Wellborn,
Freshman Representatives: Grant Whitney, Jack Craycroft,
Junior Representative: Ella Collard,
Sponsor Info: Brad Sanders, sandersb@hpisd.or
Meet Us: Meetings will be held on a monthly basis either before school at 7:45 am in the library or (for Dallas United Rowers only) at 4:30 pm/7:30pm on the same day.