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Lend a Hand

Purpose: The Lend a Hand Club revolves around helping the underserved communities in our area through donations, drives, and other community projects. We focus mainly in the Dallas and Vickery Meadows area and work mainly with the Wilkinson Center, but we are looking to help other organizations and groups in need this year!


  • President--Isabella Acosta (contact)
  • Vice president--Danielle Melech
  • Treasurer--Sophia Irizarry
  • Secretary--Garrett Smith
  • Tech coordinator--Rex Peikari
  • Club Liaison--Garrett Savage
  • Head(s) of Media--Hannah Roberson, Riley Reiman
  • Senior rep--Trent Kinder, Gia Dorazil, Sophia Hemchot
  • Junior rep--Rebecca Bustos
  • Sophomore rep--Maria Acosta

Club Social Media: instagram: @hp_lendahand

Club email:

Sign up here:  

Club Sponsor:  Mrs. Pullen and Coach Ripley