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Maggie's House

Purpose: Spread the awareness of alcoholism and help encourage the women staying at the Magdalen House (a house for alcoholism recovery) by raising fundraisers, making meals, buying needed items, etc.
President- Eve Schiller, Ella Dunston; must organize all events and trips to the Magdalen House along with assigning the officer roles
Vice President- Rachel Hanna; must help the presidents set up meetings
Secretary- Greer Dunston; assists the president with making important decisions
Treasurer- Chloe Ching; must help gather/organize any money needed for the purpose of the club
New Member Recruit- Annie Featherston; must help to invite people to join the club and is also responsible for following through/checking if one has followed the membership clause
Club website: (if you have one, not necessary)
Club email: [email protected]
Sign up here: link to google classroom where google form is posted with sign in code badrnbq

Club Sponsor: Lisa Seaman