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HP Tabletop Society

HP Tabletop Society

Purpose: .Our mission is to provide people who enjoy board and card games alike, a place to talk, learn, listen, communicate, strategize, make friends, and have fun!

Leadership: Treasurer: John Norris (keeps track of and regulates all money made by the club [also in charge of financial decision making])

Vice President: Jeff Kang (fills in for me when I can not be there for a meeting or event)

President: Sam Higgins (leads the club, makes major/final decisions, checks club email)

Scribe: John Norris (keeps track of how long we have met for each month. EX: The HP Tabletop Society has met for a total of 4hrs and 30 minutes during the month of March)

Note: Officer positions may change and new positions may be added as the club develops.

Club Social Media: N/A

Club email:

Sign up here:

Club Sponsor: Mrs.Bode