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The purpose of The Museum Club is to broaden our knowledge on both art and art history by visiting different museums within the Dallas area, and learning about different pieces of art within the museums.

The officers of the club include: President, Claudia Reimer, runs meetings and oversees the entire club, Vice President, Loran Johansen, assist the president in overseeing the club and runs meetings when the president is absent, Communications Chair, Jerry Wang, overseas the club communications and sends out all club messages and notifies members of club meetings, Social Media Chair, Susan Richey, runs the social media account for the club to promote the club and document club activities, Treasurer, Bridget Stammel, manages the financial plan and ensures that all club activities are within the club budget, Secretary, Audrey Jing, plans the meetings, date, time, place, etc, Scribe, Keyes Sumner, documents and takes note on club conversations, Representatives, Zach King (Junior), Shreya Vishwanath (Junior), Victoria Mentzer (Senior), Neely Womble (Senior), and Keaton Buckroyd (Senior) promotes the club and all of its activities

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Club Sponsor: Miss. Murchison