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Global Health Club

Purpose: The Global Health Club strives to raise student awareness about global health issues, promote student involvement in international human and environmental health organizations and activities, and host fundraisers to support both local and international communities.


President (Sophie Minick): In charge of leading/representing the club. The president is also in charge of ensuring that reminder texts and emails get sent out to club members about meeting dates.

Vice President (Sophia Chung): Assists the President in planning and conducting monthly meetings. 

Communication Officer: Reaches out to speakers to attend club meetings, also they are in charge of introducing the speaker and communicating details to the speaker about meeting location, discussion topics, etc.

Social Media/Design Officer: In charge of posting relevant information such as meeting time and dates on the club's Instagram account. Also, this officer will be in charge of designing this year's club t-shirt.

Treasurer: In charge of the club's financial status and ensuring that the money made from our semester fundraisers is accounted for. Also, this officer is in charge of collecting the $20 membership fee from all club members that will pay for their club t-shirt. Lastly, the treasurer is responsible for getting the thanksgiving donation to Mr. Hinton.

Selection of Officers, Term of Office, or Qualifications: A google form will be sent out to club members. This form will allow any club member to try out for an officer position. The president will then assess who should be put on the ballot for club members to vote on based on their academic background and interest in the club.

Club Email: 

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Club Sponsor: Timothy Thomas