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Crochet & Crafts

Purpose: Helping the community through crochet and handmade crafts! Turn your crochet/craft skills into service hours, or simply learn how to crochet. All skill levels welcome, but no experience required :) 


Presidents: Iris Song, Allison McCain

Secretary: Daisy Murphy

Officers: Olivia Xiao, Claire Romo


Class Representatives: 

Social Media: @hpcrochetclub  <-- follow!

Club email: [email protected]

Sign up here:

Club Sponsor: Mrs. Townsend

Additional info: Participation is optional (attend meetings as you wish) unless contributing to a donation project (service hours!). We are just here to have fun and make crafts. Though we specialize in crocheting, the club is open to all craft skills of all levels, eg. knitting, sewing, cross stitch, weaving, painting, drawing, etc.