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Be the Light

Purpose: Be The Light will be a children's outreach program! Our purpose is to help kids and teens who have injuries, illnesses, disabilities, or are in difficult living situations. Our mission is to bring a positive change to the lives of youth in challenging situations through fundraisers, toy and craft drives, hygiene and snack donations, and by sharing time together when possible!


President: Ellie Irvine

Vice President of Programs: Anna Todd Nelson

Vice President of Philanthropy: Rylie Galanos

Secretary: Jillian Miller

Treasurer: Ellie Donahoe 

Service Chairs: Caroline Woram and Rachel Harper

Communications: Katie Garberding and Lisle Duvall

Social Media Historian: Caroline Ballard

Social Media Outreach: Caroline Henry

Junior Representatives: Brynn Bassett, Rachel Garvey, Cate Cothrum, and Devon Bohnsack

Sophomore Representatives: Caroline Nelson, Anna Roglan, Bella McNulty, and Ainsley Schubert

Freshmen Representatives: Olivia Jaudes and Louisa Ballard

Club Social Media: Join our instagram! @hpbethelight

Club email: [email protected] 

Sign up here: 

Club Sponsor: Aaron McGough

You're invited to our club 'HP Be The Light' on GroupMe. Click here to join: 

We're so excited for the year to come!