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Caring Hearts

Purpose: In order to bring joy, friendship, and meaning to the lives of residents in the retirement homes of Dallas, we will play card games with them to keep their minds sharp while socializing as well. (The Treemont and The Forum) Due to COVID we have expanded to after care programs for children, too!

President:    Katherine Anne Massey
Co-President:   Regan Williams
1st Vice-President - Programs:   Alexis Scott & Margaret Keogh
2nd Vice-President - Philanthropy:    Sam Heinrich & Sarah McMillan
Treasurer:   Jack True & Mack Duvall
Corresponding Secretary: Frensley Smith & Julia Yates
Senior Rep:   Lizanne Boyer, Mary Margaret Sell, Audrey Leigh, Zoe Wilcox 
Junior Rep:   Allison Cannon, CC Huthnance, Emma Becker, Pearson Rice
Sophomore Rep:   Flora Danielson & Kayla Dickerson
Freshman Rep:   Ellie Sullivan & Margo Linder
Club social media Instagram @ hpcaringheartsclub 
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Club Sponsor - Oliver (Colin) Stringer [email protected]