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The Dyslexic Club 

The purpose of The Dyslexic club is to empower students who have dyslexia and educate them on ways to work around it making them perform to the best of their ability in and outside of school. 

Officers: The officers of the club: 

President, Claudia Reimer, organizes the club and runs meetings. 

Vice President, Devany Duclow, alongside the president will oversee the club and take the place of the president if  is absent. 

Communications Chair, Libby Nance, in charge of the communication side of the club through sending out club messages via text, email, or group me. 

Treasurer, MaryKate Ferguson, in charge of the finance aspect of the club and plans out meetings that are held within the club’s budget. 

Club email: 
Club sponsor: Mrs. Rynolds