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The purpose of Arrow is to mentor middle school girls during their transition to high school. Arrow officers and members encourage middle school girls to make healthy choices during high school in regards to alcohol, drugs, and more. In addition, Arrow allows middle school girls to build "sister-like" friendships and learn from high school girls. The goal is to create a safe environment for all grades, and to build strong friendships that will help girls navigate through High School. 

  • President: Lindsay Bird
  • Vice President: Lucy Gomez
  • Secretary: Lauren Leyrer
  • Director of Events: Claire Romo
  • Social Media Manager: Tori Aquista
  • Treasurer: Ashley Smith
  • Historian: Danielle Weatherwax
  • Class Representatives: Seniors - Tori Aquista, Lauren Leyrer, Ashley Smith, Danielle Weatherwax Freshman- Malena McRorie, Ella Sohet
  • Club Instagram- Arrow_Hp
  • Club Sponsor: Jerry Sutterfield

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