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Roseanne Leediker


I came to Highland Park in the 1999-2000 school year to teach PreAP Biology I and develop a TAG program for the course. I continue to teach this class and enjoy instilling a love of biology in these students. My ultimate goal is that that they return to my classroom for AP Biology II and take on the challenge of this exciting and rigorous curriculum.  
In 2007 I began teaching a third biology course, Medical Microbiology.  In addition to enjoying some of the same students for a third time, I have the great privilege of teaching them the principles of immunology and epidemiology: two of the most dynamic fields in life science.
I love learning new biology along with my advanced students and I never tire of teaching the fundamentals to freshman.  
In my free time I enjoy my family and being outdoors, running, biking, gardening and slowly walking an aging Golden Retriever. 

Current Courses

  • Medical Microbiology
  • AP Biology
  • Biology TAG