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Carolyn James

Carolyn James has been a member of the Highland Park High School counseling team since 2005 and is counselor to students Kos-Mor.  James came to HPISD from Corona del Sol High School in Tempe, Arizona where she served as a counselor after more than 25 years of teaching English and Journalism there, as well as in schools throughout Texas. 
"After 45 years in education, I still love to encourage students to mold their dreams, exceed their goals, and make some indelible memories along the way," James said.  It has been such a privilege because this counseling office continues to put the best interest of students first.  Truly, every day brings joy to my journey."


Bachelor of Arts in Education - Southern Methodist University
Master of Journalism Education - North Texas State University
Certification in School Counseling  - Chapman University
Certification in School Administration - Chapman University