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Construction Impacts Traffic Flow, Parking

Westchester (east side of school) traffic will be used for students that will enter the

parking garage, please do not use Westchester for student drop-off.

We recommend using the Glenwick entrance (east side of the garage by the tennis

center) for students parking in the garage.

The temporary student entrance on Westchester is designated for students that will be

driving and parking on campus.

Additional assigned student parking is provided in the two parking lots located on Hyer


  • Hyer Street is a one-way street that flows from East (Preston) to West


The main student drop-off will be located on Douglas (west side of school), and the

entrance will be into the new NorthWest Addition.

  • Parents may also drop-off or pick-up students at the main entrance on Emerson

(south side of school).

Students are highly encouraged to carpool, walk, ride bicycles or scooters.

  • Bicycle parking will be on the Emerson side of the school by the main entrance.
  • Scooter parking will be in the garage in designated areas.