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Parents » Student School Day Check-out

Student School Day Check-out

Attendance Office: Dial 214-780 plus extension #

Attendance Office:
A-Fa Off the Cafeteria - Stephanie Kilgore [email protected] ext. 3723
Fe-Lee Off the Cafeteria - Courtney Gilpin [email protected] ext. 3714
Lei-Sal SC203 - Holly Mathews [email protected] ext. 3709
Sam-Z SC203 – Lisa Henly [email protected] ext. 3710

Leaving School: If a student needs to leave during the school day, send your student with a note to the attendance office by 8am. Student will be issued a green dismissal slip and meets parents outside the building. Per district policy, entrance into the building for visitors will be very limited. Student should bring doctor's note when returning to school and reports to their attendance office to get a pass to return to class. Always contact your attendance office for assistance prior to coming to the school.