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"Art is humanity's most essential universal language. It is not a frill, but a necessary part of communication.  The quality of civilization can be measured through its music, dance, drama, architecture, visual art and literature. We must give our children knowledge and understanding of civilization's most profound works."

-- Ernest Boyer

Program Offerings: 
The Fine Arts Department at Highland Park High School encompasses Art, Band, Choir, Color Guard, Dance & Highland Belles, Debate, Orchestra and Theater.  Each department offers enriching, challenging and rewarding experiences.  Please select a program on the right panel for more details.
High School Fine Arts Department Staff
Natalie Walker - Fine Arts Department Chair
Tyler Perring - HPISD Director of Fine Arts
Evelyn Dumeer - Fine Arts Administrative Assistant
HPISD Fine Arts Coordinators
Chris Fullwood: Visual Arts 6th-12th
Daren Jordan:  Instrumental Music 6th-12th
Tyler Perring: Theater/Debate/Dance K-12th
Natalie Walker: Choral Music K-12th
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