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Sophomore Parent MeetingUnable to attend the Sophomore Parent Meeting on April 10th, 2024?  Click here to access the presentation.
11th grade parent night If you were unable to attend the Junior Parent Night hosted by the counseling staff, please click below to review the presentation and reach out to your student's counselor with any questions.
Financial Aid Seminar
If you were unable to attend the Scholarship and Financial Aid Seminar on 9/27, please click below to review the presentation.
Senior Parent NightIf you were unable to attend the Senior Parent Meeting on September 6th, 2023, please click here to view the slides.




Highland Park High School provides a comprehensive developmental guidance program. This program provides group as well as individual assistance in a proactive manner which emphasizes the response to students' expected developmental needs at a time when those needs can be most effectively met. The Guidance Department consists of seven academic guidance counselors who work with students according to their last names and two personal counselors who assist individual students and lead small groups. The four assistants/coordinators are available to assist students, parents, and college representatives.

Mission Statement:

HPISD Professional School Counselors provide a comprehensive counseling program for all students so they are equipped emotionally, socially and academically to live healthy lives and to be contributing members of society.




Every HPISD student will be an inclusive, empathetic, resilient, engaged citizen of the global community.







Michelle Altom


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Julie Tallant


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Stacey McNeely


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Carolyn James


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Ronny Winford


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Shawna Jandrew


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Mindy McMinn


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Lead Counselor

Christen Armer

Personal Counselor

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Margie Tyrone

Personal Counselor

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