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2020 Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Seminar

More information about the HOBY Leadership Programs and specifically the State Leadership Seminar available to 10th grade students can be found on the HOBY official website.  An email was sent to all sophomores and parents with the link to the HOBY website.

After reading through the mission of HOBY and specifically the information regarding the State Leadership Seminars, and then confirming you will be available to attend the Texas-North Seminar in early June; please write an essay in 250 words or less describing why you believe you would be a great candidate to represent Highland Park High School as our HOBY Representative. Your essay will need to be printed and hand delivered by you to Ms. Kathryn Waite in the HPHS Counseling Offices no later than Monday, December 3 at 4:00 p.m. 

*No emailed essays will be accepted.