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Save The Date for Summer School 2024

Different classes will have different times that students must be present each day.  Times for individual classes will be published on the Summer School website (current information not available yet).  Information regarding classes is on the Summer School website.

Registration will be held in early April through Skyward.  Students who are wishing to take full credit courses should plan for the dates for both semester 1 and semester 2.  Students who are wishing to take courses that earn half a credit should plan for the dates of EITHER first or second semester.  Please review the attendance policy as you plan for the summer.


Students may not miss more than one day of their enrolled course or they will be administratively withdrawn immediately and NO refunds will be given. Student will have to be present with their teacher every day. Attendance will be checked daily. Students may NOT miss the last day of each session, regardless of previous attendance.   

Semester 1:  Monday, June 3- Friday, June 14th

Semester 2: Monday, June 17th – Monday, July 1st (June 19th – Holiday)

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