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Apply to be on the HPHS Honor Council

Applications for the HPHS Honor Council are now available.
The primary mission of the Highland Park High School Honor Council is to provide students who have been judged by their teachers as having committed academic dishonesty an appropriate forum where they may be heard. It is the responsibility of the Honor Council to hear from both student and teacher whenever there is a disputed allegation of academic dishonesty and, after careful deliberation, provide to the accused student’s administrator their finding of innocence or guilt as well as any recommendations for resolution. Regardless of the outcome, the honor council’s guiding focus is to provide the accused student with a learning opportunity regarding the importance of academic integrity and ensure the student is fully aware of the damage that can and does occur in settings after high school should future dishonesty reoccur.
The Honor Council serves a critical role at HPHS. Council members are expected to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality as their responsibilities require them to access and deliberate upon students’ private school records. Members must maintain a spotless reputation of academic honesty and confidence by the faculty in order to preserve the integrity of the Council.