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Spirited Scots

Spirited Scots is a cheer squad dedicated to supporting school spirit and inclusivity within the HP community! It is an organization that brings together students with and without disabilities to transform school culture to one where all students feel valued and celebrated. The squad participates in spreading the Scot Spirit at pep rallies, a variety of games, and community events. that bring together peers with and without disabilities. Our teams transform school culture to one where all students feel valued and celebrated.
2023-2024 Squad Members: Front Row- Wesley Holmes, Anna Scott Wallace, Ellen Campbell, Kate Waterman, Lana Crowhurst, Emerson Schorr, Caroline Davidson; Second Row- Shannon Fleming, Camilla Solorzano, Caroline Johnson, Caroline Woram, Katy Vanderwoude, Piper Heath; Third Row- Bennett White, Hayden Wagner, Anna Kate Albritton, Izabela Zvolanek, Laci Rosen; Back Row- Lucy Cox, Claire Vaughn, Edward Douglas, Sophie Ghobriel, Jack Marquis, Libba Huff; Not Pictured: Ellie Porter
Sponsors: Sarah Glyn Bean and Kelley Herhold