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Senior Internship Program » Senior Internship Program

Senior Internship Program

A student-led exploration & preparation of POST-SECONDARY AND CAREER INTERESTS
 Interdisciplinary Studies-Mentor Course/Sr. Internship Program:
  • Course Description: Year Long, Pass-Fail Course for Seniors Only, Non-GPA weighted
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Mentor Seminar (ISM) is a student-led exploration and preparation of career and post-secondary interests.
  • The course is designed using a three-stage process:
  1. Research and Design
  2. On-site internships,
  3. Projects & Presentations.
  • Students are responsible for:
  1. creating and maintaining personalized goals & plans that pertain to the goals of the course
  2. conducting in-depth research regarding careers and post-secondary studies of interest
  3. participating in at least one on-site internship each semester
  4. completing program-designed projects.
  • To participate in this program, students are enrolled in a year-long course. 
    • Options for enrollment are: 
      • First & Second Period (Suggested for students exploring elementary education)
      • Second Period Only (Only for students pursuing an internship with a high school teacher)
      • Seventh & Eighth Period
      • Eighth Period Only (Only for students who have time outside the school day to commit to their internship) 
  • Students must complete the application process during the Spring semester of their Junior year.
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