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Jesse M Cole

I would like to formally introduce myself. My name is Jesse Cole and I am currently the head Swimming and Diving coach for Highland Park High School here in Dallas.


I have over 32 years of experience teaching and coaching in the State of Texas. I have 11 state swimming championships, over 40 All American Swimmers and am honored to have had one team ranked first nationally.


I currently teach Digital and Interactive Media for Highland Park and hold a Master’s in Educational Technology Leadership. I am also the Department Chair for Media, Information and Technology on the campus.  I am certified to teach health and P.E. courses as well.  I have always considered my position in teaching as critical to the success of our students.  I am committed to bringing interactive learning and higher level thinking to all my academic classes.  


Current Schedule

1st period:  Varsity Swimming and Diving 

2nd Period: Department Time

3rd Period:  Architecture

4th Period:  SLT and Department Chair

5th Period:  3D Design and Animation

6th Period:  Lunch

7th Period:  Honors Digital and Interactive Media

8th Period:  Diving 

Tutorials: By appointment only.