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Susanna Plemons

I began my career teaching English at the University Complutense in Madrid,Spain for two years. I spent four years teaching Spanish 3 at Southlake Carroll from 1995 - 1999. Since I started at Highland Park High School in 1999 I have taught Spanish 2PreAP, Spanish 3, Spanish 4 and Spanish 5AP. I am currently teaching Spanish 3 an 4. I have enjoyed teaching all ages English and Spanish throughout my career. Whether a preschooler learning initial vocabulary acquisition or a high school or university student employing higher order thinking skills in the target language, I find every level of education and development challenging and fascinating. Also, I enjoy preparing students to be globally competent by teaching different cultural perspectives. It is important to me to impart learning tools, strategies and resources to help each student become a more independent learner and a better advocate for him or herself.
Current Courses
  • Spanish 2PreAP
  • Spanish 3
  • Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 8:05 a.m.
  • After school or during school day by appointment.