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Community Service Council » FAQ


When are summer hours due?
11:59 PM on the last Friday of October

What happens if I earn service hours through a club/organization at school?
Service opportunities through clubs/organizations do not get entered into the x2vol database for the students. It is the responsibility of the student to submit club hours (i.e. NHS) for approval.

How many hours do I need before I apply for NHS?
3/5 of your required hours must have been completed. If you entered as a freshman in the fall, this correlates to 30 hours.

Does time spent planning an event count for service hours?
Students should not count meeting times, shopping, cooking, sleeping, travel, planning or free time, but they may count any time spent publicizing the activity, including stuffing envelopes, hanging flyers, and similar tasks.

How fast will my hours be accepted?
Usually within seven days of being verified.

What's this a HP Scots Service Award, and how do I sign up for it?
HP Scots Service Awards (previously Presidential Service Awards) are automatically given at the end of each school year if a student earned at least 100 service hours between the first day of the sixth six weeks and the last day of the fifth six weeks the following spring and verified within seven days of the last day of the fifth six weeks to count toward the HP Scot Service Award. All hours must be entered and approved by April 30. Award levels are as follows: Bronze 100 – 174, Silver 175 – 249, Gold 250+ hours. Every student may earn a HP Scot Service Award each year.


How many hours do I need?
Students must complete 50 community service hours before April 30 of their senior year in order to graduate.

When can I start?
Service hours can be completed anytime from the day after you finish eighth grade to April 30 of your senior year.

Where can I volunteer?
Volunteer work must benefit those in need. Approved agencies and organizations include, but are not limited to, hospitals, social service agencies, fundraising organizations for health causes, and fundraising organizations for low-income schools. Service opportunities will be posted on this website and The only stipulations are that you can't count leading religious discussion groups and that a maximum of 10 of your 50 hours can come from within the school district.

How does donating count towards service hours?
Used items do not count toward CSC credit. For new/monetary donations, the ratio is $25 = 1 hour and $50 = 2 hours. While other organizations may have different requirements, you can only earn a maximum of two hours per donation event for CSC credit. To receive credit, students must provide proof of monetary value (receipt) to one of the CSC sponsors, or include a scanned copy as an attachment when entering the hours online.

When do I need to submit my hours by?
Within 60 days of service beginning date. If you have a long term project that will last longer than 60 days, please email Coach Todd John to discuss the parameters for your project. 

What do the different hour totals listed on x2Vol mean?

  • Total hours approved (in the green box) - meet Kiltie guidelines and count towards graduation.
  • Total hours claimed - hours submitted for approval. This doesn't mean all will be approved or count for graduation.
  • Total hours verified - contact name you provided can verify completion of the hours.  Verified hours might not meet Kiltie guidelines and can be denied.  Also, some organizations accidentally delete the email that provides the link for them to verify these hours, so some hours may never be verified, and that's ok.  If hours are not verified, it does not automatically mean your hours will be denied. However, if your contact says you did not complete as many hours as you are claiming, any additional hours you claim most likely will be denied.
  • Total hours pending - hours waiting for approval. No action needed from a student at this point.
  • Rarely do all three of these numbers match. The category you need to be most concerned about is "Total Hours Approved."


What if I enroll late or transfer in? How many hours do I need to complete?