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Community Service Council » Officers


2020-2021 CSC Officers
President: Lauren Noble
Vice President: Will Huff
MADD Chair: Mary McCue Bell
Technology Chair: Grace Middendorf
Drives Chairs: Charlotte Seale and Elya Khakpour
PR Chair: Katherine Anne Massey
Senior Hours Chair: Harrison Dugger
Meeting Director: Geddy Lane
Officer Duties:
President of CSC:
  • Oversee all events of and meetings for CSC
  • Meet with Sponsor every Thursday during lunch.
  • Keep in constant communication with sponsors throughout the year
  • Arrange officer meetings
  • Make/Present meeting Power Points Assist other officers with fulfilling duties, including communication of duties and ongoing tasks
  • Help acquaint freshmen to use of x2vol during Fish Camp
  • Maintain binder and record of activities
  • Take photographs at all events Upload them on Google Drive
  • Give a copy to Technology and PR within one week of the event
  • Attend the Spring 8th Grade Information night
  • Organize officer photo and submit to the Yearbook, Clan and possibly Scots Illustrated
  • Attend monthly PTA meetings
  • Write a quality summary of events for La Fiesta Application  
Technology Chair:
  • Manage the website and advance the technology of the Council
  • Manage the pictures on the website and calendar of events, post PowerPoint from meeting, etc.
  • Update Google Docs with list of officers’ contact information
  • Help freshmen log into x2vol during Fish Camp
  • Maintain binder and records of activities
  • Communicate with Sponsors
  • Maintain Social Media sites and communications reminders, including: Facebook “Remind 101” messages before all events and meetings
  • Emails to members
Drives Chair: 
  • Coordinate, plan, and organize: Car Wash (Fall) Turkey Drive (Fall) Angel Tree Drive (Fall), including donation, transportation to the Salvation Army Blood Drive (Spring) Guatemala Healing Hands Drive (spring)
  • Maintain Binder and records of activities
  • Communicate with sponsors
Senior Hours Chair: 
  • Email Seniors reminding/providing hours and invite seniors in need of hours, to volunteer opportunities throughout the year
  • Maintain records of senior hours
  • Maintain binder and record of activities
  • Communicate with sponsor(s)
  • Spring semester - weekly email reminders sent to seniors regarding hours
  • Complete senior letters every 2 months to be delivered to seniors who have not met their hour requirement
Public Relations: 
  • Create and post fliers and submit announcement (PA, TV, and Scots Weekly) before and after events
  • Correspond with district PR Chair Jacki Moran for inclusion of events in district emails
  • Inform CSC membership of CSC events.
  • Maintain an up-to-date CSC display.
  • Decorate and post CSC events in CSC display case
  • Maintain binder and record of activities
  • Communicate with sponsor(s)
MADD Chair: 
  • Plan, organize and coordinate Fall and Spring MADD events
  • Contact organization Plan for and purchase supplies needed
  • Complete purchase order for items bought
  • Organize sign up
  • Delegate tasks and divide/assign jobs for the event
  • Communicate with CSC committees as needed
  • Maintain binder and record of activities
  • Communicate with sponsor(s)
Meeting Director: 
  • Contact and recruit speakers for each meeting
  • Meet, host, and introduce invited speakers during each monthly meeting
  • Plan and communicate mini-service project for each meeting
  • Communicate speaker and mini service project to PR, technology chair, president
  • Post meeting info (including speaker name and bio, and mini-service project) in the Google drive
  • Transport donations to organization if speaker is unavailable to transport
  • Maintain current CSC mailing list by deleting old members (graduated seniors) and adding new member’s information to contacts and mailing list
  • Update and maintain member information on Google drive
  • Track attendance for CSC meeting and events on Google drive Print attendance sheet and bring to meetings
  • Mandatory attendance at club fair Update membership information from Organization Fair to drive
  • Maintain binder and record of activities Communicate with sponsor(s)
Other Assistants: 
  • Sell CSC shirts and host sign-up during the lunch period in the cafeteria prior to every event
  • Fulfill the role of other chair(s) if they are unable to fulfill their responsibilities
  • Help freshmen log into x2vol during Fish Camp
  • Hand-write thank you notes to donors Clean and organize CSC closet
  • Maintain Binder and record of activities
  • Communicate with sponsor(s)