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Guidelines for Grading

Highland Park High School
Guidelines for Grading
  1.   Standards for Mastery (See HPISD policy EIE.)
    1. Grade-level advancement for students in grades 9-12 will be earned by course credits.
    2.  Course assignments and unit evaluation will be used to determine student grades in a subject. An average of 70 or higher will be considered a passing grade.
    3. Mastery of the skills necessary for success at the next level will be validated by assessments that may either be incorporated into unit or final examinations or may be administered separately.  Mastery of at least 70 percent of the objectives will be required.
    4. The District will not issue a certificate of coursework completion to a student who fails to meet all state and local requirements for graduation. (See policies EIE, FMH.)
    5.  A teacher has the discretion of deducting a maximum of ten percentage points as a penalty for failure to follow teacher-specified form and/or directions in completing an assignment, paper or test that are not directly connected to mastery of a concept.