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Approved Book List

The list below is a working document, meaning it is reviewed and updated on a semi-annual basis following the guidelines outlined in the HPHS Classroom Literature Selection procedures (revised July 2014). All books on this list have been approved by district guidelines for use at Highland Park High School. This process and the selections below meet the developmentally appropriate balance of challenging our students’ thinking while upholding community values and standards.

Since 2005, a formal review process has been used for considering literary works for classroom instruction. Text rationales are available for many of the literary works listed in this approved list. If a literary selection was approved for instructional use prior to 2005, there may not be a text rationale on file. However, text rationales are available for all major works being used as an instructional resource in English classrooms in the present school year.

In addition, with the adoption of state-approved textbooks, any work excerpted in such textbooks has been and can be added to the Approved Book List.

There are three basic categories of reading required and/or available to our high school students: required reading, supplementary materials and Recommended Outside Reading (ROR). Required reading includes core works that are directly connected to the curriculum of each course. Supplementary materials, such as excerpts from larger works, short stories and poems, are selected to extend students’ understanding of the elements of required reading. ROR is independent reading selections that students may choose as part of our school emphasis on developing an appreciation of literature and to encourage lifelong reading. All reading not directly a part of state-approved textbooks is vetted through a committee of parents and English teachers whose responsibility is to challenge student thought while upholding community standards. Their recommendations are reviewed and approved with grade level and student age considered as part of the approval process.

As a reminder to all parents and/or the student has the right to refuse a particular reading selection for the student. For any such stated request, HPHS will provide an alternative selection.

You may click on the book title to view the text rationale for each selection.
Click here for 9-12 book rationales.