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Off Campus Courses & CBEs



  3 pm FRIDAY, JUNE 28





Seniors must have "A" Semester Courses

or CBEs completed by August 1, 2024 


HPHS Students who take an Off Campus Course, for original credit, or a Credit by Exam (CBE), for credit recovery, are required to complete the Application process and receive Counselor Approval prior to enrolling in/ordering a Course or CBE. 


Please print the Off Campus Course or CBE application form then bring the original completed application, signed by both the Student and Parent, to your Counselor for their approval signature.  Students should not enroll in or order a Course or CBE until the application has been completed and approved by the Counselor.   *If a student fails to obtain pre-approval HPHS may not award credit for the course. 



Be sure to read the the appropriate Application in its entirety AND

if enrolling in a TTU K-12 course also print and read the

Supplemental TTU K-12 Information sheet.