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TTUISD/Off Campus Courses

Guidelines for

TTUISD Credit by Examination (CBE) & Off Campus Courses (Grades 9 – 12)


      These are the dates exams will be given at HPHS for the 2018-19 school year:

Test dates for 2018-19

Deadline for ordering exam

Saturday, February 2, 2019 @ 9 am

January 18, 2019

Saturday, May 11, 2019 @ 9 am

April 11, 2019

Thursday, August 8, 2019 @ 9 am

July 8, 2019

All exams take place in the HPHS Library @ 9 am, unless otherwise indicated. 

Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early to allow time to sign in and log in to the TTUISD

site, if your exam is online, so that you can begin your exam promptly at 9 am.

Results of student exams MUST be received BEORE the first day of school and/or the start of a new semester in order to assure accurate course placement.



1) Students should print the appropriate application located on the Counseling Office web page under the TTUISD & Off Campus Courses link.  *Important - Be sure that you are submitting the correct application (see below for clarification of the two Applications)

2) Completed applications should be turned in to the student’s counselor for approval signature.  For TTUISD Correspondence Courses the Application requires the student to select an exam date as published on the Application and also shown above.  Please note that for a Correspondence Course all lessons must be submitted and graded before TTUISD will release an exam so please allow enough time for all lessons to be completed and graded prior to the test date that you select.


What is the difference between a Credit by Exam (CBE) and an Off Campus Course or Correspondence Course/Final Exam? 


(for original credit)


(for credit recovery)

An Off Campus Course is a course taken somewhere other than Highland Park High School for original credit.  This includes TTUISD Correspondence Courses in which the student completes course lessons online and at the end of the course, once all lessons have been submitted and graded, the student will order the course final exam from TTUISD which will be taken at HPHS.

The Off Campus Course Application must be completed and turned in to the student’s Counselor for approval before the student signs up to take the course.

For TTUISD Correspondence Courses, the student/family will be responsible for ordering and payment of the correspondence course and end of course final exam.

When ordering a Correspondence Course the following information will be needed:

School Code for Highland Park High School:  057-911-001

Proctor or School Official:  Tammy Boetsch

Exam Date:  The exam date you selected on your Application

When requesting the End of Course Final Exam the same information will provided to TTUISD for the proctor information.  However, if the student chooses to take their final exam at an alternate testing center, rather than at HPHS, you will need to contact that Institution for their schools Proctor Information.

A Credit by Exam is given for credit recovery for a student who has already received instruction for a course at HPHS but was not awarded credit for the course. 

The TTUISD Credit by Exam (CBE) Application must be completed and turned in to the student’s Counselor for approval before the student orders the exam.

HPHS will order all CBE’s on behalf of the student for those choosing to take their exam at HPHS.  If the student chooses to take the exam at an alternate approved testing center please see Tammy Boetsch, TTUISD Exam Coordinator in the Counseling Office, for information and instructions before ordering the exam.


Review/Study Materials:  Students should obtain a review sheet for their exam as soon as possible.  Students may get the review sheet online at:


TESTING LOCATIONS:  If a student is unable to take their Correspondence Course Final Exam or Credit by Exam (CBE) on one of the dates offered by HPHS, the student may have their exam proctored at SMU, University of Texas at Arlington or Brookhaven College for a fee.  Students/Parents are responsible for contacting the alternate testing center to schedule the exam.  It is advised that you contact the testing center before you list them as the Proctor/testing site when ordering your exam to confirm availability of testing.  The student must notify Tammy Boetsch, in the HPHS Counseling Office, of their intentions to test at an alternate location and provide and location of the testing site and the date their exam is scheduled for.  


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What score must I make? Students must make a 70 or above in order to receive credit.
  • How long do I have to complete an exam? A maximum of three hours is allowed to complete an exam. 
  • How many credits may I earn? A student can earn a total of up to 2 credits.
  • How do I find out about my grade? If you are unable to see your final grade, once it has posted, on your TTUISD account you can come by the Counseling office to request your counselor or Mrs. Boetsch to check the TTUISD portal for your final grade. TTUISD will mail a final grade report to the student’s home address and to the school.
  • Will my grade be added to my transcript?   Yes. Students who pass a high school course through credit by examination for recovery or who take a correspondence course for original credit will have the grade appear on their transcripts. Units of credit and grade will not be included in the calculation of GPA or rank-in-class.
  • May I re-take an exam? Yes, if you do not pass the first test you will have an opportunity to re-take it one additional time.  You may not retake a test if you pass it the first time.