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National Honor Society

About us: The Highland Park National Honor Society is an academically oriented student group that seeks to provide a community service focused experience that enhances students' understanding of the qualities of leadership, honesty, and character. Our selective membership consists of juniors and seniors who are chosen based on their strong academics and have a proven track record of positive leadership in other clubs and organizations. National Honor Society is proud to sponsor major community projects, and helps to facilitate our membership serving in various volunteer capacities at local service organizations. 
The schedule includes meeting times for new applicants. New applicants must attend one of the meetings in order to apply. 
Sponsor: The sponsor of the Highland Park National Honor Society is Mr. Molenaar ([email protected])
President: Kayla Dickerson
VP of Membership: Amelia Bollman
VP of Service: Katherine Meyer
Treasurer: Frances Schieber
Secretary: Ryan Fainter
Membership Compliance Coordinator: Sona Foley
To apply for National Honor Society, juniors and seniors must:
  • attend one of the new applicants' meetings in either the fall or the spring semester
  • pay an $80 membership fee
  • have at least 30 hours of community volunteer service documented 
  • have a 3.6 GPA or higher
  • have three teachers who teach core subjects recommend them for membership
Members must:
  • turn in a completed application form by the deadline
  • attend at least two out of the three member meetings held each semester
  • attend and participate in both the spring and fall mandatory service projects
Questions? Email: [email protected]